Practical Videos and Testimonies

//Practical Videos and Testimonies
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Practical Videos and Testimonies

Children and educators can learn a lot with the LivingSTEM project activities, which is why we suggest recording short videos, in order to document the process and share the outcomes with others.

During the learning phase, pupils may create short videos on their scientific learnings related to permaculture, and talk about the experience in their own words. This will help them remember the concepts, and will provide valuable content for follow-up peer learning activities. Other pupils will be able to replicate the actions and learn from these videos.

To facilitate the video recordings, we have put together a short and practical guide, with content for educators and students: the “The LivingSTEM guide – How to produce a video” and a “storytelling canvas” to draft the video content.

Prior to recording, it will be important to decide which key concepts to explore, and what activities to implement. Each key concept is explained on a sheet, which includes ideas on how to learn about it through the LivingSTEM activities, focusing on STE(A)M and permaculture.


List of key concepts