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Ideal Menu Game

The partners of the #livingSTEM project have designed the activity «the ideal menu game» so that children can create their own menu, based on the knowledge they have acquired about food, the environment and their experiences in applied science. The game will provide educators with the tools to implement the activity with some pedagogical instructions. The game is based on a board, action cards, as well as the #livingSTEM “deck of cards” and a recipe canvas, to help girls and boys develop their ideas and have a more accurate picture of the expected final product. With these elements it will be possible to carry out different variations on the game, and playful and educational activities, where children will learn and at the same time apply the knowledge acquired.

Soon all the material for the «ideal menu game» will be available on this page!

Ideal Menu Game – Guide for teachers-final web

The Ideal Menu Game Toolbox – Quiz questions

The Ideal Menu Game – Booklet for students

Ideal Menu Game – board to print

Action cards cover – to print