Ideal Kitchen Garden Game

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Ideal Kitchen Garden Game

The Ideal Kitchen Garden is an educational multi-challenge Game with 4 interlinked phases. Its overall aim is to transfer to students how to design a vegetable garden with the interdisciplinary approach of STEM combined with the applied methods of Permaculture design.

Through the realisation of a game board representing the kitchen garden, students will have a more precise idea of the parcel canvas design, using their knowledge in mathematics and applying permaculture solutions to different proposed scenarios. Further to the game board used with the Living STEM deck of cards, a micro-garden cultivated in a box will be developed. This will be based on learnings from the previous phases and observations during a treasure hunt at the beginning of the game.


If an outdoor space or a garden is available next to the school, planting a real ideal kitchen garden is a possible follow up activity of the game!

Ideal Kitchen Garden Game – Annexes

Ideal Kitchen Garden Game – Booklet for Educators

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