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Deck of Cards

As a basis for other activities, the #livingSTEM project partners have developed a deck of 170 cards. These explain details about the cultivation and nutritional value of seeds, plants, animals and basic transformed products (such as bread, honey, etc.).

Each card presents on one side, the Latin name, which part is edible, its nutritional value and its uses, and on the other side, how to grow the plant or raise the animal, where it develops successfully, its origins and other relevant information .


The cards are the basis for “The Ideal Kitchen Garden Game” and “The Ideal Menu Game” and can be used to organize a garden or planters.

The cards can be viewed online or printed and cut out to play. Find a short explanation how to read them here.

Here are 7 pdf documents with the 170 cards, prepared to print on two-sided on A4 paper.

During the pilot testing of the card game, teachers and educators suggested it would be good to have a full list of them, which you can now find here: List of cards EN