NL – November 2020

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NL – November 2020

It has just been a year since the #livingSTEM project started. So far we have produced and published:

The #livingSTEM Manual

It is to give teachers and educators a framework to develop some activities in close collaboration with others in the field of permaculture. This guideline is destined to teachers, facilitators and stakeholders who are or want to be involved in the creation of a cross-sectoral, collaborative scientific learning experience for children. The manual will be available in all project partners languages.

The Gamification System

Twenty educational outdoor and indoor games are to link the lessons, activities and visits to the farm or garden, the children’s general experience will be organized as a game with a system of points. These activities can be found in seven languages. Each game can be spread over among students 10-14 years old and are best combined with theoretical as well as practical projects. All activities are carefully laid out to develop a sense of intrigue, making the learning experience enjoyable and the implementation trouble-free.

Find both on our resources page:

Read our full November 2020 Newsletter here:

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